Image: Epona, Oil on Canvas, 153x122cm.

I approach painting, usually in oil, on primed or un-primed paper or primed canvas, with the slightest and minimal amount of planning. I prefer to allow the idea to develop on the canvas. Two figures can become one dominant character or one character can find itself in the company of several additional images, in a shallow landscape. I start with an idea, I work rapidly with thin paint – rather like you could approach a sketch – allowing the image to develop organically – in the hope that it will become a more complete, finished piece. 

Angel oil on canvas, 122x152cm
Mad as Birds oil on canvas, 152x122cm
Untitled oil on canvas, 78x78cm
For my Father oil on canvas, 122x91cm
Look! oil on canvas, 152x122cm
Swsana oil on canvas, 178x152cm
The Healer for William Brown. Diptych. oil on canvas, 122x168cm.
Love oil on canvas,122x92cm
Return of the Old God oil on canvas, 182x152cm
Untitled, oil on canvas, 182x152cm
Untitled, oil on canvas, 182x152cm
Crouching Figure oil on canvas, 182x152cm
St Julian of the Water oil on canvas, 122x92cm
Untitled, oil on canvas, 122x90cm

Posted by:Keith Bayliss