“… this wonderful place, this Cathedral in a village so far west that it is where Wales meets the sea, this awe-inspiring building in which the Nave slopes upwards towards the Altar…”

The Old Stile Press

Keith Bayliss was commissioned to produce work in and around the east end of St David’s Cathedral during its annual festival from 19 May to 7 June 2008. At the time he said;  ‘I cannot say how important this event is for me. To make art for installation… for such a special place is a dream come true. It is a rare opportunity for a contemporary artist.’

For several years following it, he also programmed and curated a series of site responsive work for the Festival by artists including Rozanne Hawksley, Claire Curneen, Roger Moss, Clive Hicks Jenkins, Sally Moore and Tony Goble. 

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With thanks to The Old Stile Press for selected images.

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