Above: Yo Lo Fi 1 Oil on Canvas

The Tannery at MoMA Machynlleth is a slate stone, square space. The walls have been left as a natural stone surface. For the exhibition Yo Lo Fi/Fe Welais i, it was not my intention to hang in a conventional way. I wanted, as far as it was possible, to create an environment where four large paintings created a central structure around which eight seated “visitors” (constructions) would provide the audience.

Yo Lo Fi 2 Oil on Canvas

Around and through this space would weave the flesh and blood visitors to the show. In the air or ether visitors would hear a soundscape produced by my co-collaborator Joe Bayliss.

Yo Lo Fi 3 Oil on Canvas

The four paintings are to some extent organic in their development. Figures came and went in their making. Some are characters that have occurred in other works and are old friends, one or two are new.  I wanted to show these four separately as they are a “group” of paintings and should be seen as such. 

Yo Lo Fi 4 Oil on Canvas

Below: Yo lo fi 1-4 (detail)

Posted by:Keith Bayliss